When You Need a New Toothbrush

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How long have you had your current toothbrush? Almost no one can answer that question unless they just came from a dental checkup. It’s not something that we actively think about replacing.

You do need to get a new brush fairly often, though. They wear out, and once the bristles aren’t aligned in their proper position, the brush loses almost all of the efficacy it used to have.

If you want the cleanest teeth possible, you need a good brush. So read on to learn when you need to replace yours.

The most important part of a brush are the bristles. Their alignment and stiffness make all the difference in how well they clean your teeth. Bristles that are too hard will cause irritation in your gums, which could lead to infection or other issues. The brush you get after a checkup with your dentist is selected to meet this criterion.

Once those bristles are frayed, though, it’s time to get a new brush. A worn brush doesn’t effectively remove plaque and other germs. Instead, it’s spreading all of that junk around.

With the proximity to a toilet, and the fact that your brush lives in your mouth, they aren’t exactly the cleanest things in the house. If you use the same brush for months, or even more than a year, you could possibly be brushing bacteria onto your teeth.

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