Stop Oral Health Problems before they Start

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There’s a very important reason that your regular appointments with Dr. Michael Scholes and the team at Scholes Family Dental in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho are referred to as “preventative maintenance.” That’s exactly what we’re doing. Each visit here is a visit geared to preventing the onset of major oral health issues.

These are problems that affect tons of adults across America, but it’s easy to stop oral health problems before they start. You simply have to commit to see the dentist every six months and do the following activities at home in order to have the best oral health possible.

For whatever reason, flossing is hard for people to do. A common complaint is that it hurts, and if you haven’t flossed regularly before, it’ll be uncomfortable for a few days. However, your gums will quickly adapt to it, and you’ll notice a near-instant change in the quality of your oral health. Flossing gets rids of all the junk your brush can’t quite reach.

Brushing and mouthwash
Brushing is a simple activity, right? It is, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t brush regularly. All you have to do is set aside time in the morning, and right before bed, to clean off your teeth.

You should also use mouthwash since that will kill all the germs that your flossing and brushing didn’t take care of.

Regular checkups
Lastly, you want to make sure you’re not skipping your regular checkups at our office. These help us keep an eye on potential cavities and other problems. We’re here to help you have great oral health – you just have to come into the office.

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