Do You Have Wisdom Teeth That Need Extracting?

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When it comes to wisdom teeth, there is not always room in the mouth to allow them to emerge without issue. Usually, these third molars come in during the teen years or young adult age. The problem is when there is no room for them in one’s dental arches.

To help resolve this issue, our Scholes Family Dental dentist may recommend extraction of the wisdom tooth. This is done when the tooth is impacted or when it is coming in at an angle that would be harmful to the other teeth near the molar because of the way it is growing in.

When a third molar is removed, our dentist opens the gum tissue that is above the tooth by making a small incision. Once that is done, the bone material which is over the tooth will be carefully taken out. To remove the tooth, forceps may be used to rock the tooth gently until it comes loose. The tooth may then be removed or cut into smaller pieces for removal. After the tooth is taken out, stitches may be used to complete the procedure.

Our goal is to provide quality care in the most comfortable way possible. If you have a wisdom tooth coming in and need to have the tooth extracted by our skilled team in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, please call 208-667-1578 for an appointment. Dr. Michael Scholes and our team are here for you!