Be Careful When Eating These Foods

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Do you have a filling, cap, or crown? Do you enjoy the strength and comfort these restorations provide? Sadly, teeth with restorations can be more vulnerable than teeth without restorations—and even these can break when you chew certain foods at the wrong angle. While breaking your teeth while chewing is rare, we are happy to provide you with a few foods you should be caution of.

Kernels of Popcorn: Fluffy popcorn is usually quite safe, but un-popped kernels are not. Really, popcorn is only likely to crack your teeth when a kernel sneaks into your mouth unnoticed. If you accidentally bite into something hard like a kernel, your teeth could break.

Careful with Almonds: Did you know that almonds offer a multitude of health benefits? Even the shell offers a good amount of protein. Unfortunately, if you chew an almond whole, you are more likely to crack a tooth.

Pretzels and Baguettes: Foods, like hard pretzels, baguettes, or bones can break teeth. We recommend taking a few caution nibbles when eating something hard, or taking extra care to not bite into the bones of ribs or chicken wings.

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