Are You Prepared for the Recovery Process after a Tooth Extraction?

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Are you prepared for the recovery process after a tooth extraction? Are you taking the time to ensure you are ready in advance for any problems or issues that may arise? In addition, your house should be prepared to ensure resting is easier for you as you let your mouth heal. For a list of tips to make your extraction go as smoothly as possible see the following:

– Always follow instructions and guidelines set forth by your dentist to help improve recovery time.
– To help better prepare your mouth for a successful treatment, make sure to quit bad habits such as smoking for at least 48 hours before and after a surgery.
– Do not attempt to eat or drink anything after the extraction. Doing so could increase your risk for choking. Wait until the anesthesia has completely worn off before consuming any foods or drinks.
– Set aside ice packs for reducing inflammation and heat packs for treating excess pain. If your dentist prescribes for you medications to help with inflammation or pain, do not exceed the recommended dosage.
– If any complications arise that are irregular or abnormal, contact your dentist.

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