A Tooth May Need to be Extracted for Orthodontic Reasons

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As your child grows their mouth and jaw structure gradually expands. This is often accompanied by their 20 primary teeth being replaced by the 32 adult teeth that will need to serve them for the rest of their life. As this happens it’s possible for two or more teeth to emerge too close together. If this overcrowding issues is not addressed it could cause chips, dental fracture, and dental attrition problems on multiple teeth.

To prevent these significant complications, your orthodontist can correct their teeth with braces. With routine adjustments, they can bring your son or daughter’s teeth into the proper alignment.

In a case of significant overcrowding, it may be recommended to extract one of the teeth. This can create a small void that provides sufficient space for the other teeth to gradually move into. After the extraction, Dr. Michael Scholes might prescribe pain management or anti-inflammatory medications to help them remain comfortable while the gums heal.

You shouldn’t be alarmed if the incision site bleeds a little for day or two after the extraction. Bleeding can be controlled by lightly biting down on some rolled up sterile gauze. Once the bleeding stops they can gently clear away any blood with a gently rinse of lukewarm saltwater.

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